You can trust Seamless Paving Co. to handle your residential and commercial excavation needs. We make sure that the elevations are correct for building and that the earth foundation is compact to support the weight of your structure. Our team is trained in handling excavating machines, so you are assured that we can dig large areas of ground quickly and safely. Whether you want to install new water features or dig a basement, we can help you.

Earthwork isn’t something that you should do alone, especially if you don’t have any experience or idea about the job. The nature of this job is dangerous and requires expertise and experience, which is something that we can offer. We know what safety guidelines to observe to protect our contractors and clients from accidents.

Residential Excavation

Whether you want to restore your basement or build a new room addition, you can trust us to handle your project in a timely and efficient manner. We use high quality excavating equipment that is equipped with GPS. Our residential excavation services include digging basements, sewer and water hookups, foundation, septic systems, footings, water features and aggregate. We also provide property excavation, brush removal, land clearing and demolition.

Commercial Excavation

We can handle your commercial excavation needs. Our team can deal with development sites, aggregate, city roads, demolition, water and sewage lines, city storm, land clearing, utility line excavation, topsoil striping, erosion control, grading and parking lots. We can also dig lakes and ponds.

We can complete the project within your expected timeframe. We start the excavation process by removing stumps, shrubs, undergrowth and trees. The land is then cut and filled where needed. This process is called rough grading. We cut the areas that are too high and transfer that material to the spots where the soil is very low. The material is packed down with a bulldozer to guarantee firmness.

We can dig trenches for the placement of underground facilities or utilities. For instance, the sewer drain or water line is placed into the ditches, covered and then compacted to make the area smooth and even without any bump or dip.

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We prepare the site for both commercial and residential purposes. We use heavy equipment such as rollers, backhoes, excavators, bulldozers and compactors to do the job. For more information, call us at 226-887-9891. We will send an expert to inspect your property and give you a quote.