Seamless Paving Co. offers a wide range of interlocking paving services. We can restore your interlocking driveway, pathway or patio. When installed properly, interlocking pavers can last for a very long time with little maintenance. Pavers work well on steep grades and settlement is almost never a problem with it. We design and create a long-lasting pathway that will improve your home’s aesthetic appeal and value.

Just tell us what you want and we will do our best to accommodate your requests. If you have drainage issues, we will address it during the design phase. When a slight or negative slope exists, we use drain lines, surface drains and channel drains to move water away from the structure. Airborne weeds can be easily controlled using the right weed killers. We can also use polymeric joint sand to stabilize joints and prevent weed growth.


We consider the patio’s slope when creating a design. Whether you want to improve the patio’s functionality or curb appeal, we can come up with a design that fits your needs and budget. We also consider the seasons when building a patio and choose a paver that can endure harsh weather conditions. For instance, permeable paves reduce ice accumulation during the winter season.


The driveway will improve your home’s charm. We can help you choose the right pavers for your driveway. You don’t worry to worry about the space you have because we consider this factor during the design phase. We understand how important the size of the driveway is. The minimum driveway length required to park a car is 22′. You need to add 22′ for every additional vehicle you want to park. We will make sure that your driveway can accommodate your cars without any problem.


We consider your home’s topography when creating a design and choosing the right pavers for your walkway. We also consider how your guests will get from the driveway to the front door. You want your family and your guests to feel comfortable. We add a walkway that joins the driveway at the front of your house.

Call us at 226-887-9891 to learn more about our interlocking paver services. We have been in business for years, so we know what to do. Our team is trained and experienced in delivering exceptional services. We will make sure your patio, walkway or driveway looks great. We are always happy to help.